May 16, 2009

Dear Network Marketer-Part 2

Ever Wonder Why Top Income Producers Don't Promote Their Network Marketing Business Opportunity? The answer is simple.

It's the Fastest Way to Go Broke!

Everyone should understand something about building an MLM business...Your #1 goal is to market to only 2 groups of people.

1. Current Network Marketer? OR
2. People who are coachable and teachable about getting started in the industry. That's it.

If you've tried sitting down to convince someone about your business opportunity who is not open to the idea nor have any desire to own their own business, time after time then you should know that you are wasting your stop doing it!

Sponsoring people becomes a daily habit when you start focusing your time on your best prospect, which are not looking for another network marketing business opportunity...heck 95% of them are struggling with their MLM Business.

So, what do you market to the network marketer who are struggling and could care less about your business at this point?

Well consider for a minute what ALL network marketer absolutely need:
  1. Leads & Traffic-they have no idea how to generate leads and how to funnel 100 or more prospects through their sales funnel.
  2. Money-they are likely spending more money than they're making with their business.
  3. A system to follow-if they are seeing success in their industry, chances are their team is still struggling to duplicate because their is no system in place.
  4. A leader to follow-the #1 reason-leadership...this is the greatest commodity on the planet, bar none.
So, what if You could take your marketing knowledge and actually give these struggling network marketers what they really need? What if you can provide solutions to their struggling business and solve ALL of their problems?

Instead of pitching your business opportunity and becoming just another salesperson on the Internet, you actually offer valuable information and provided solid solutions that would actually help these struggling network marketers to finally find success in their business?

**What if...get could show them how to get positive cashflow quickly, generate quality leads, generate a full time income in weeks or months instead of years?

**What provide such valuable information that your prospects actually believe you are the expert, a true professional and even a leader they have been searching you think they would actually contact you and ask you about what you do and how they can get involved with you unlike what you were doing before convincing someone who have no interest? Do you think you would ever get any rejection from prospects? Absolutely Not!

How valuable do you become at this point in the eyes of all your prospects? This is a no brainier!

Click to See How!

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MLM-Network Markerter

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