May 16, 2009

One Minute Power Talk

Let's look at why some people become rich, while others will not...

Most entrepreneurs who attained financial freedom and wealth did it on their own. It wasn't given to them on a silver platter nor did they have a lucky break-like inherit wealth, win the lottery or write a hit song.

They made it all happen!

There is saying I read: "Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. Other people just sit and wonder, what's happening!"

So if you are reading this post, congratulation you are in the group of people to make things happen. You can do simple, consistent, small steps to be financially free. Becoming wealthy is not a single spectacular event. Instead you'll learn how to be wealthy by taking small steps towards your goal and anyone can do it.

Here are 3 simple, consistent secrets you can do everyday:
  • Set goals-Have a daily plan or schedule as how you would accomplish your goals.
  • Leverage your time-The wealthy let their money and other people work for them.
  • Find a coach or mentor-They're there to help keep you on track.
I love this phrase I read, "your mind is like a parachute - it only works when it's open" open your mind and see how these small steps can change your financial life.

This post is for doers - people who want to become wealthy and are willing to do something about it. Until next time...

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