September 7, 2009

How To Create GoDaddy Subdomain Names for Newbies!

Hey how many of you have a GoDaddy account and don't know you can create sub-domain? Do you know in your GoDaddy account you can create sub-domain names for other website or blog and it won't cost you any extra money? Do you know you have 90 sub-domain available to use? Hey, if you didn't know before, you know now. Whether you are new to online marketing or a Pro this information may be useful to you. Affiliate marketing links are long and ugly that's why many of us use websites like tinyurl or and other websites like these, but some of shorten url are being consider spam on certain website that's why I personal use sub-domain, espically if you submit articles online.

How To Create Sub-domain

So, now that you created your account with GoDaddy. Simply sign in. Remember to create a sub-domain, you must purchase your personal domain name. On the screen you will see a green bar with a bunch of names: Domain, Hosting, Email etc.
  • Click on Domains
  • Under Management & Renewals
  • Click on my domains
I should state that you may have a number of domain names that you have purchased and "each" of your domain have 90 sub-domain name available to you. For example you purchased a domain name for your affiliate marketing with Clickbank. e.g.

  • Click on your domain name you purchased.
  • On your screen you will see 3 sections, that says: Domain Information, Domain Enhancement, Related Products. "ignore these"
  • Scroll down and towards the left side of your screen you will see
  • Forward sub-domains: "90 available add"
  • Click on Add
  • A small window opens saying "add sub-domain"
  • Under Add Sub-domain
  • Type in the box 1 or 2 words that is related to your clickbank link. For example if you are promoting "how to submit articles" then use "articlesubmitters". So, it would look something like this:
  • Under Forward this sub-domain to. Leave http:// as is.
  • Paste your clickbank link in the long box
  • Under the box click on Advanced Options
  • Click on Forward with masking. This forward and masks or hide your clickbank link.
  • There are 3 boxes. Title, Description, Keywords. Leave as is or you can enter your information.
  • Click on Ok and you are done.
  • Wait about 15-20 minutes for the sub-domain name you create to be available to promote. If you use FireFox like I do, click on file and then new tab and type in your browser. e.g. You will not see your affiliate link, only the sub-domain you create and this is what your customers will see. If you want to be sure click on the purchase link and scroll all the way to end and you will see your user name for clickbank.
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