September 14, 2009

eBay Selling Tips Checklist!

If you are a seller on eBay, do you sometimes feel like you are forgetting an important step that you should be doing? Well...if you are a newbie to eBay, then this checklist should help keep you on top of things...if you are a pro..its good to be reminded sometimes...

Quick Helpful Tips For eBay Sellers

  • Find out as much as you possible can about your items? You can refer to Google, MSN or Yahoo to do your research. If another seller is selling the same items as you, then try to provide additional information.
  • Always monitor your competition. Keep an eye on how much other items that is similar to yours are selling, and at what price they're are being offered at.
  • Use pictures for your items. Invest in a digital camera to photograph your items.
  • Always check your email. Potential buyers can send you an email about anything at any time, and not responding in a timely manner will just make them go to another buyer instead of buying from you.
  • Describe your items. Provide everything that a buyer would need to know. If you are planning to offer international delivery, then make a list of the charges to different countries and display it. If you have special terms and conditions (for example refunds on items as long as they were not opened) make sure these are also displayed.
  • Wrap your items neatly and correctly. Your wrapping should be professional for the best impression. If you are not the best at this use a professional service such as UPS or Post Office.
  • The King of all tips "follow up." It is worth your time and effort to follow up with an email before and after you mail an item saying "is everything alright with your purchase? Hope everything is what you expected." Always try to help your customers this can increase your chance of a return customer.
Being the best eBay seller is more important than anything else is providing excellent honest customer service. This bullet proof your reputation. I hope these quick tips were of help to you. For further information on how to become an eBay Power Seller in 90 days! Click here!

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