February 27, 2011

Top 25 Search Engine Optimization Companies

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The Internet is filled with so-called marketing experts and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agencies. It's a speeding train in a changing marketplace. Some agencies have kept up to the times by integrating social media strategies, others haven't.

The SEO world has evolved rapidly in recent years with social media quickly gaining a much stronger foothold than most experts originally thought. Social media was once believed to be a waste of time by many, SEO experts now realize the power of social media to reach new markets and generate new revenue opportunities. Paid search and mobile applications cannot be ignored and have changed the SEO landscape.  It's a relatively new field of expertise constantly in flux. As experts learn more clever ways to improve site ranking, the major search engines react by updating their indexing procedures. Just recently Google announced major changes to how they index sites in direct response to what they call content-farms that create skewed search results.

Here is a compiled a list of 25 Search Engine Optimization Agencies who will create and manage your SEO campaigns.

Spend some time at these sites, you will learn a lot and can make the a comparative analysis.

1. WeBuildPages.com
2. SEO.com
3. bluegrass.com
4. fathomseo.com
5. OrangeSoda.com
6. icrossing.com
7. 360i.com
8. SEOLogic.com
9. Blurbpoint.com
10. SEOInc.com
11. MainStreetHost.com
12. crexendo.com
13. bestrank.com
14. vastvision.com
15. iProspect.com
16. ThinkBigSites.com
17. ThesearchAgency.com
18  BigMouthMedia.com
19  7Strategy.com
20. evisibility.com
21. 97thfloor.com
22. FreshRank.com
23. PrimeVisibility.com
24. 1stonthelist.ca
25. slingshotseo.com

SEO is not a task for the faint of heart. It takes time, money and a lot of patience to build a successful SEO campaign. Large companies hire staff just to create online content for social media sites.

For those of you without deep pockets, there are a number of do-it yourself software programs many of which are used by professional SEO companies. If you have the desire and time to learn, you can create and manage your own SEO campaigns.  Training companies like Worldprofit Inc., offer software, guided instruction with live and video training on SEO and other online business strategies. With access to the best resources, you can get really good at it for your business purposes, then offer these services as a consultant.  SEO experts and Social Media Content Managers are and will continue to be a highly paid profession.

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  1. This is a great list. I'm sure many business-owners will find your list very helpful in selecting the best SEO company in the industry today.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Hope everyone finds the list helpful. The credit goes to Sandi from Worldprofit.


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